See the Unseen. Look Beyond the Evident

3D Predict®
Are Based
on Artificial

Greater Predictability

88% Arch Expansion w/o correction

77% Rotation w/o correction

Faster Distalization

Average treatment of a Class II
patient with 2.5 mm distalization
12 months

30% Less Treatment Time

Prevention of anatomically impossible movements

Reduction of corrections by half

48% of 3D Predict cases are approved from the 1st 3D Plan submitted

AI-Driven Treatment Effectiveness

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    of successful
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    Real Root and
    Bone Analysis
CEO and founder Dr. Marina Domracheva
We proudly work with doctors on creating your beautiful smile
3D Predict is a clear aligner manufacturer. While innovative AI software is at the core
our offer, the team here
at 3D Predict is comprised
of talented professionals who develop unique digital tools. These tools help make treatment faster and safer. We are proud
of our patented, proprietary
AI software and clinical, experience-based protocols, which allow us to analyze a tooth
as a whole and move your teeth as efficiently as possible

This is a 3D Predict principle for creating customized 3D plans which contribute to an efficient treatment by producing high-quality aligners that look and feel great, yet apply optimal force to ensure tooth movement as a doctor would plan.

With 3D Predict, orthodontists look beyond
a tooth crown to see the real roots and bone.
3D Predict goes beyond what others offer
in order to provide what the client really wants.

Unique Deep CBCT® Analysis allows the predictable and safe movement of teeth within the bone and avoiding anatomically impossible movements, such as root collision