What is Study Night?
Study Night is an exclusive cocktail-hour event, where renowned practicioners share their extensive experience in solving modern challenges that Orthodontists are facing today. You will get a chance to network, share ideas, discuss best practices and new trends in the industry in a relaxing evening setting.
Solving the intrusion challenge with AI
Dr. Dabney is an orthodontist with over 30 years of experience. He is the owner of multiple successful practices in Richmond, VA, where he's been utilizing AI technology since 2021.
SEPTEMBER 27th 2023, 7 PM EST, 1 CE UNIT
Intrusion is a challenging move for braces and clear aligners that requires additional appliances that patients dislike. Application of powerful AI technology can make intrusion easy for orthodontists by calculating the exact forces required for torque intrusion for each patient's anatomy and helping to plan movements that will happen in real life.

Result? Torque intrusion in 6 appointments with less than 1 refinement on average.
Speaker: Dr. William Dabney, DDS
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