What is GP Study Night?
GP Study Night is an exclusive cocktail-hour event, where renowned practicioners share their extensive experience in solving modern challenges that General Dentists are facing today. You will get a chance to network, share ideas, discuss best practices and new trends in the industry in a relaxing evening setting.
Interdental Space Conundrum
Dr. Zev Kaufman is a Prosthodontist with over 30 years of experience and is the Course Director of NYU School of Dentistry's Perio-International Implant Department.
JULY 12th 2023, 7 PM EST, 1 CE UNIT
This Study Night we will be addressing 'The Interdental Space Conundrum,’ discussing innovative strategies that GPs are employing to prepare ideal restorative space conservatively, without extra crowns, enameloplasty, root canals or rubber bands.
This is a highly requested topic because:

  • Antagonists extrude in 83-92% of cases after loss of a molar, causing the need for preparation (intrusion) before placing an implant or crown

  • Preparing an ideal restorative space is a challenge requiring additional crowns or complex orthodontic movements: intrusion, distalization and root tipping. These movements are challenging to perform and often require rubber bands or mini-screws if done through traditional braces and aligner systems.

  • Failure to treat extruded teeth commonly results in less-than-ideal outcomes, including the need for extra crowns, tilted implants, shorter crowns, or resulting in attrition of lower teeth.
Speaker: Dr. Zev Kaufman, DDS
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