Photo by Dmitry Malyshev, www.dmitry-malyshev.com
Reduce aligner treatment refinements and chair time. Increase your dental office margin
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Photo by Dmitry Malyshev, www.dmitry-malyshev.com
  • For Orthodontists who are interested in new AI-driven technologies which advance orthodontic treatment and provide more predictable case outcomes.
  • For Dental office teams who will benefit from the tips on case acceptance, patient motivation and submission process provided during the demo.
Have you ever had to cope with:
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    Issues with lateral incisor and canine rotation?

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    Deep bite treatment that isn’t fully successful?

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    Not achieving full volume of distalization or having to use additional appliances?

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    Issues with bodily expansion?

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    Posterior open bite as consequence of uncontrolled arch expansion?

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    Tooth movements that are planned outside of alveolar housing?

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    Anatomically impossible tooth movements such as root collision?

During the demo you will be able:
To review cases

where your peer orthodontists were able to achieve predictable bodily expansion, rotation, distalization without additional appliances and within optimal timelines, move teeth within bone and
decrease refinements with 3D Predict® AI-driven aligners.

To test

3D Predict’s proprietary, patented
treatment planning software

To review data analysis

on 1,722 cases utilizing this
ground-breaking technology demonstrating a reduction in the number of refinements by half and treatment time by 30%.

Virtual demo

Receive a gift: eBook "4 Tips to achieve Distalization faster and at a lower cost"