3D Predict is Revolutionizing Aligner Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary, patented Artificial Intelligence and root and bone analysis allow doctors to maximize their profit and treat patients most effectively


3D Predict is revolutionizing aligner technology using our proprietary, patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Deep CBCT Analysis. These cutting-edge technologie sAI and Deep CBCT analysis allow 
3D Predict to treat patients more predictably, more quickly and more safely with uncompromised clinical outcomes.

Our unique AI software automatically creates real roots and bone from CBCT scans and incorporates them into high quality treatment plans. 3D Predict makes hard things easy, so doctors can treat their patients in just 
6 appointments and achieve a more effective and efficient practice workflow.

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This technology is a significant improvement over
the traditional clinical crown based virtual treatment simulations that were developed over twenty years ago.

Visualization of the actual root and bone anatomy is a game changer that helps me to provide a higher level of patient care.

Dr. Jeffrey Miller
Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

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