For orthodontists who are in constant search of ways to excel in patient care, 3D Predict® boosts treatment effectiveness and reduces the number of corrections
Greater Predictability

88% Arch Expansion w/o correction

77% Rotation w/o correction

Faster Distalization

Average treatment of a Class II
patient with 2.5 mm distalization
12 months

30% Less Treatment Time

Prevention of anatomically impossible movements

Reduction of corrections by half

48% of 3D Predict cases are approved from the 1st 3D Plan submitted

AI-Driven Treatment Effectiveness
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    of successful
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    Real Root and
    Bone Analysis
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    Deep CBCT® Analysis

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    Next Generation AI Software

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    Straight Trimming

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    High-quality American Equipment and Plastic

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    Web-based 3D Viewer Works on PC, MAC, iPhone & Android

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    Customer Service

report that
70 to 80%
of their patients
require correction
or case refinement
at the end of treatment.
3D Predict endeavors
to solve this problem
Let us

3D Predict Deep CBCT® Analysis is a True GAME CHANGER in Orthodontics

Deep CBCT® Analysis. One-of-a-kind proprietary software analyzes a tooth as a whole: patients’ crowns and REAL roots and bone

Intra-oral scan or impressions

CBCT scan

  • The cortical plate width can be assessed both lingually and buccally
  • A color map shows the distance from the root to the bone



  • The patient’s teeth are shown with REAL roots. Each individual root angulation & length is demonstrated
  • Our core difference is that we do not use roots from an anatomical library
  • Great visualization quality; every detail of the apex can be seen

You save so much time for what truly matters: patient best care and planning treatment for new patients
Your offer to patient truly stands out from everything else
Several minutes to make an important decision on treatment tactics while analyzing raw CBCT® data takes hours of your time

Deep CBCT® Analysis:

  • Choose treatment tactics
  • Check treatment plan AT EACH STEP
To move teeth within bone and prevent anatomically impossible movements

Reduction of corrections by half

Decrease of treatment time by thirty percent
In addition to working great for all types of cases, 3D Predict Aligners are the ultimate solution for patients with crowding
Patient: Maria, 40 years
Clinical findings:
Class I malocclusion
Severe crowding;
Cross bite;
Aligner numbers

MX: 39+8
MN: 33+8

Treatment appointments: 12
Treatment tactics: Expansion


Patient: Sofia, 19 years
Clinical findings:
Class I malocclusion
Moderate crowding MX,
Severe MN
Aligner numbers

MX: 25+0
MN: 24+0

Treatment appointments: 3
Treatment tactics: Expansion, IPR

What you get
A 3D Predict consultant will provide you with information on cases of all complexity and show you plans for patients of different ages and clinical conditions. You will learn about 3D Predict tooth movement capabilities, Deep CBCT® Analysis interpretation, treatment ordering, and the delivery process. Part of this information can be delivered to you by email upon your consent. You will be assigned a personal technician, so you know exactly who to address your questions to and who is responsible for modeling your plans
3D Predict Aligners are delivered to the doctor in a convenient box
Each aligner is packed in a plastic bag
A premium patient package is provided to the doctor to hand to the patient with aligners, use & care instructions, and an aligner storage box
Promotional materials are also available to ensure that you and your patient are fully informed about 3D Predict Aligners
3D Predict participates in industry events such as the AAO Annual Session and conducts educational events for doctors and their teams. We are proud to be part of a great community working to improve patients’ smiles and lives. Please join us at our upcoming events or book a one-to-one Lunch & Learn meeting with our technology consultant by filling in this form
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