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When a doctor uses 3D Predict Aligners, he has access to a unique technology which treats a tooth as a whole and deeply analyzes your crown, roots, and bone. 3D treatment modeling provided by 3D Predict ensures that your teeth are moved safely and efficiently within the bone and avoids anatomically impossible movements, which are the usual reason for increased treatment length and some corrections.
After receiving your 3D plan, your doctor will show you a video of your tooth movements and final result.
Contact us and we will advise a doctor for you at your location.
Every time you take off your aligners, rinse them with clear, cool water. 3D Predict Aligners are very smooth, so they do not accumulate plaque and can easily be cleaned with a toothbrush.
You will not be in any serious pain while wearing your 3D Predict Aligners. The first 1-3 days of wearing a new aligner set, you may feel pressure or a slight ache with the teeth which have started moving. You will not have to take pain killers. It will only be a mild discomfort.
You should wear your 3D Predict Aligners constantly, taking them off only when eating or brushing your teeth; approximately 22 hours each day. In order for a tooth to start moving, it needs to feel mild pressure for 2-3 days. Once the pressure is absent for 4 hours, tooth movement fully stops. If you stop wearing aligners for more than 4 hours, it will take several days for the tooth to start moving again. If you wear your aligners less than 22 hours a day, your teeth will be moving slower and you will not get the treatment result on time.
Yes, but it is always better to straighten both the upper and lower jaws. This way, the doctor can also improve your bite.
When you take off your 3D Predict Aligners you store them in a special case to avoid the risk of loosing them. Do not fold them in a napkin in a restaurant, they can easily be thrown away.
You should take the aligners off during the meals. If you forgot to take off your aligners and accidentally ate something, rinse your aligners and mouth after eating or brush your teeth, since food particles could get between an aligner and your teeth.
You can drink clear, cool water, but you should take off your aligners when drinking hot, sugary, and sour drinks.
Everything depends on case complexity. Usually treatment lasts from 3-4 months (for example, mild spacing) to 2 years. On average, a moderate case runs 1.5 years. Your doctor will give you full information on your treatment as well as show you your 3D treatment plan.
Your teeth will be moving, but slower, and your treatment will take longer.
3D Predict will not interfere with your personal life.
This happens very rarely and not in the mouth or when putting an aligner on or taking it off.
Yes, it would be useful. Aligners will keep your teeth from erasure or loosening and are so durable, they will not crack.
If your teeth are straight, but you have one or more of the following, you should consult an orthodontist. These may be signs of an unhealthy bite which needs to be corrected:
Frequent cavities
Teeth hypersensitivity
Excessive enamel attrition
Constant dental plaque
Gum problems
Mouth odor
Migraines, headaches
Crowded teeth or spacing