See the Unseen. Look Beyond the Evident
3D Predict™ was founded by a medical doctor who had extensive clinical trial experience
When Marina started in 2014, orthodontists had the dream of planning root movements and knowing what was inside the bone. Some of them used the roots from an anatomical library, but they were not satisfied with the result.
But 3D Predict™ delivered AI-based technology for REAL root and bone-based treatment planning!

The 3D Predict™ Management Team includes professionals with decades of experience, while the company’s clinical experts and technicians are among the best
in the industry, making 3D plan approval a fast and smooth process for orthodontic clients

The company, which started with 2 medical doctors and 1 software developer, soon grew into a Forbes-acknowledged startup working with doctors across the globe
Company Founder
3D Predict™ innovative products are based on clinical experience and cutting-edge technology (artificial intelligence, machine-learning, math algorithms,
and 3D printing)

3D Predict’s™ team developed our one-of-a-kind Deep CBCT® Analysis, which creates highly precise 3D models of a patient’s crowns, bone, and REAL roots with every detail of the apex visible, and ensures that a tooth is analyzed as a whole.

The talented team of software developers led by the CTO have decades
of experience in math, computational geometry algorithms, medical imaging,
3D design, and computer graphics

HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, modern encryption standards, and cyber security are at the core of 3D Predict’s™ data safety principles
AI Technologies
in clear
3D Predict™ has the right combination
of commitment, technology and flexibility
to see the unseen and look beyond the evident in 3D planning and customer support