See the Unseen. Look Beyond the Evident.
3D Predict® was founded by renowned and respected Dr. Marina Domracheva, who has years of extensive clinical trial experience.
When we started in 2014, orthodontists had the dream of planning root movements and knowing what was inside the bone. Some of them used the roots from an anatomical library, but they were not satisfied with the result.
But 3D Predict delivered AI-based technology for REAL root and bone-based treatment planning!

The 3D Predict Management Team includes professionals with decades of experience, while the company’s clinical experts and technicians are among the best in the industry, making 3D plan approval a fast and smooth process for orthodontic clients.

The company, which started with two medical doctors and one software developer, soon grew into a Forbes-acknowledged startup working with hundreds of doctors across the globe.
CEO and founder
Dr. Marina Domracheva
3D Predict’s innovative products are based on clinical experience and cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, machine-learning, math algorithms, and 3D printing.
3D Predict’s team developed our one-of-a-kind Deep CBCT® Analysis, which creates highly precise 3D models of a patient’s crowns, bone, and REAL roots with every detail of the apex visible, and ensures that a tooth is analyzed as a whole.
Our talented group of software developers has decades of experience in math, computational geometry algorithms, medical imaging, 3D design, and computer graphics.
HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, modern encryption standards, and cyber security are at the core of 3D Predict’s data safety principles.

AI Technologies
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Technology Advisor

3D Predict has the right combination
of commitment, technology and flexibility
to see the unseen and look beyond the evident in 3D planning and customer support

3D Predict team

3D Predict’s Mission

We create cutting-edge technologies for doctors and make people’s dreams of a beautiful and healthy smile come true.

3D Predict’s Vision

To become the most effective technology in orthodontics — the preferred choice for doctors worldwide.

See the unseen.
Look beyond the evident.

3D Predict’s

The values ​​that guide everything we do. We hire people who share our values.

Each 3D Predict’s employee is guided by the following principles in daily work and decision-making:

Love for our work

We do all that we do because we love our job. We receive satisfaction from our work, we take interest in discovering new opportunities and looking beyond the evident.  We innovate because we want to see the unseen. Love for the work we do inspires us to be bold and decisive, and supports the spirit of entrepreneurship within the company. Love for the work we do determines our character.

Integrity and honesty

Define the performance of our work. We are honest with our colleagues; we are honest with the doctors and their patients and we are honest with our suppliers. Honesty is the policy we apply in every aspect of our work. Honesty towards the patient ensures the creation of the best orthodontic tool  for the doctor (convenient, predictable and effective).

Technological excellence

We use the most advanced technologies known to the world today to create the best orthodontic instrument for the doctors. The world does not stand still, new, more effective technologies continue to appear on the market everyday. For this reason, our attention revolves around technological advancement. We study all new technologies and understand their application in relation to our products. As a result, we create the perfect technology to benefit both the patient and the doctor.


Every 3D Predict employee is responsible for the result of his or her work within the team. The employee is responsible for the result in relation to colleagues from his/her department as well as from the other departments and the doctors. We make mistakes, yet we do not look for a guilty party to blame. We analyze our actions and our mistakes and we learn from them. This approach allows us to identify the cause and then improve our processes and achieve excellent results in the aftermath. Everyone is responsible for the result of their work, so that the team can reach the planned goal. We often conduct training programmes to increase the qualification of our employees and our support for each other. We also bear responsibility for our future colleagues. Together, we achieve our goals for today and for the future. By following the rules today, we are forming the foundation for greater achievements tomorrow. We show responsibility and fortitude in difficult circumstances.

Client first

Everything we do at 3D Predict is done for the sake of clients: doctors and their patients. We developed a unique technology known as Deep CBCT® Analysis to fulfill the dream of our clients to see what’s inside the bone and as a result create beautiful and healthy smiles for their patients. Conscientious performance allows us to gain trust and respect from our customers for whose benefits we work. We develop effective short-term and long-term solutions for our customers. Treatment duration and frequency of visits are important for doctors and patients, therefore we have developed (and are constantly improving) tooth movement protocols and optimal staging to reduce treatment time and number of visits by 30%. Focus on the customer and everything else will follow.

Continuous improvement

Is at the heart of 3D Predict’s DNA. At 3D Predict we go through continuous improvement for our product, employees, processes and the business itself. The history of our company is a vivid testament to this philosophy. We started as a small company, which in 2014 could align only mild and cosmetic cases. By 2015, 3D Predict aligners could straighten teeth of any complexity. In 2017, we created a revolutionary product that changed the game in planning an orthodontic treatment. 3D Predict became the first company in the world that could model tooth movement based on real roots and bone, allowing to increase treatment efficiency by 30%. In 2020 we achieved an important milestone having received FDA approval. We strive for the best quality of our product. We constantly improve our manufacturing process, algorithms and train the neural networks that form the basis of our AI-driven software. It becomes possible thanks to 3D Predict employees’ professional growth. In turn, continuous improvement of an employee leads to both an increase in professional competencies and career growth. Perfection does not have a final point, we do not stop, the better we become, the more actively we work on continuous improvement.